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Chicken White Rice How to cook Chicken White Rice Dish | How to make Chicken White Rice Recipe

BY Amina Ashfaq

"Rice are easy to cook and you'll be amazed that how with common ingredients a delicious Chicken White Rice are ready. Serve them with raita. "

Ready In:
Serves: 6



  1. Heat oil and ghee and saute black peppercorns, cardamom and black cumin to infuse flavor.
  2. Then add in the onions. Add the hara masala and stir fry.
  3. Then add the chicken and stir fry thoroughly, add yogurt and cook until oil comes on top.
  4. Now add tomato and add 1 cup water and cook until chicken is tender and water dries.
  5. Add water, rice and garam masala and cook.
  6. Once the water is dry and 80% rice are cooked, simmer rice on low heat until rice are ready to serve.

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